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While working for this one moving company in Winnipeg, which I won't maintain their name. The person whom I was working for had agreed to do a job for these two ladies. It was a two-bedroom move and the ladies informed him before the start of the job that they were short on funds, he agreed to the job for the price they had set.

Once we started loading their belongings, he started throwing their belongings into the elevator with such carelessness that I stopped and asked him why he would take on a job if he wasn’t happy with the pay. And why take on a job if you're not going to do it honorably.

When we were halfway done loading the truck, he told us to stop and start unloading the truck and that he didn’t want to do the job anymore. Meanwhile, the ladies upstairs had no idea what was going on and when they came down to find their belongings in the hallway, they were taken by surprise and confused.

They pleaded that they had no other option and what were they to do with their belongings being in the hallway. After witnessing such an act, I told him I quit right then and there, went to U-haul and rented a truck and had the ladies moved into their new home. Moving is already difficult enough and no one should ever go through what those two ladies went through and that is why I started my moving company.

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Mr. Thiery Niyubuhungiro

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